BizarroCon 11

It’s the only time I’ve seen someone drinking a beer before 11 a.m. The only time I’ve witnessed such a deluge of imagination. The only time I’ve met such a friendly, cohesive group of people. BizarroCon is a four-day, alcohol-fueled whirlwind of creativity and bacchanalian insanity. I went for the first time this year. Day … Continue reading BizarroCon 11

Books As A Drug

Or why I bought 81 Dragonlance novels In his lifetime, Sir Philip Thomas (1792-1872) acquired over 160,000 books and manuscripts, draining his substantial inheritance in the process and reducing his family to poverty. Philip had what is now known as bibliomania (literally “book madness”), the extreme preoccupation with collecting books and a symptom of obsessive-compulsive … Continue reading Books As A Drug