My First Novel

One of the dozens of maps I made for my first novel, circa 2005 I was going through the dozens of notebooks in my closet—some twenty years old—when I came across notes from my very first novel, a fantasy “epic” entitled Thalamus the Great. The nostalgia overwhelmed me and I started rooting through my old … Continue reading My First Novel

Babou 691 Q & A

Since I announced the online magazine Babou 691 three weeks ago, Editor Amy M. Vaughn and I have received amazing feedback. From pitches and submissions for articles to those wishing to join our staff—we currently have two staff reviewers and five columnists—as well as a number of questions. So I thought Amy and I would … Continue reading Babou 691 Q & A

Book Review: The Vine That Ate the Starlet

The Vine That Ate the Starlet by Madeleine Swann Rating: 8/10 “Dolly examined her ankles for stray seeds and man-eating plants.” – Opening line New York City in the 1920s—one of the most exciting times and places to be. Alcohol flows freely at the many speakeasies, the unrestrained bacchanalia snubbing its nose at Prohibition. Nightlife … Continue reading Book Review: The Vine That Ate the Starlet