About Zé

Headshot (Color)

Zé Burns is an aspiring author with too many ideas and neither the time nor capacity to implement them. With six books written and a dozen more in his head, he finds himself quite busy writing, outlining, and editing.

He got the writing bug at age 11, evolving under the tutelage of his freshman English teacher. This culminated in his first novel at 14—a cliché-laden piece of crap. From there he would go on to novel after novel throughout his teens and into his twenties. Writing and reading would prove life saving as he went through a debilitating illness.

Italo Calvino, Bohumil Hrabal, Franz Kafka, and Kurt Vonnegut are his literary heroes (though he does have a guilty pleasure for the pulp authors of the early 20th century). He is obsessed with Brazilian culture, especially bossa nova, and is currently learning Portuguese. He loves the theater, but rarely has time for that any more.

You can usually find him horizontal when he’s not writing. In his spare time, he reads, daydreams, shoots pool, writes lists, and collects all manner of “cute” things (including Lucky Cat statues). Zé can be obnoxious at times and boring at others. Fortunately, his friends have a high tolerance for his nonsense.

Born and raised in Seattle, he lives with his cat, Queenie, and a mountain of books that threatens to crush him in his sleep.

You can find him on Twitter at @ZeBurns