Finding My Rhythm (Writing Update)

This was one of those months that reminded me why I’m a writer. I’ve found the right rhythms, balanced multiple projects, and felt part of the community. At the moment, I’m hurrying to get a story finished that has a deadline in a few days (more about that below), but I thought I’d take a break and write this update.

The AWP Convention

Kevin Maloney, Cameron Pierce, me, and Brian Alan Ellis at AWP (via House of Vlad)

The Association of Writers and Writing Programs held its convention in Seattle this year. I was eager to attend until I saw that tickets were $540! But my friends told me that the best part of the convention was the offsite events.

So, saving oodles of money, I attended several readings in bars around town. The CLASH Books event was by far the highlight. Many of my bizarro friends were there and it became one of those nights that you never want to end.

I had a bit of FOMO about not attending the actual convention (they did have a $25 day pass on the final day, which I found out about too late). Apparently, the bookfair was gargantuan, but then again, I’m running out of room on my shelves.

Update: Stories From the Infinite City

(Via Wikimedia Commons)

Last month, I learned my weird fiction collection wasn’t long enough. Using my editor’s advice, I divided my day between writing and editing. In this time, I wrote three interconnected drabbles and a short story, all the while working my way through corrections.

I went into the edits thinking that the collection would be a disaster, something that I wasn’t sure that I could salvage. But while there are a couple rough stories in there, I was surprised that I liked many of them, some barely in need of editing at all.

I was about to give up on this project a month ago, but I’ve been re-inspired. I’m excited to see what it becomes.


I received two rejections this month. The first arrived on my birthday of all days, which dampened the festivities a bit. The second was the shortest time between submission and rejection I’ve experienced. The magazine didn’t have the story for more than six days before they sent it back. Oh well.

The project I’m currently devoting myself to is a flash fiction piece due by March 31st. I found out about it yesterday. That meant I had seven days to write and edit a story. I usually like to take my time with my work, but I see this as an exciting challenge. The piece is meant to be “dark sci-fi”, a genre I’ve never touched before, but that only adds to the challenge.

That’s it for now. I need to get back to editing!


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