Living to Write (Update)

Create. Submit. Create. Submit. This process was daunting for the longest time. Now it has become something I live for. For the first time in my life, I feel like a real writer. I found my rhythm this month. I checked off all the boxes of what I wanted to accomplish and had some pleasant surprises along the way. It’s only encouraged me to go farther.

Stories From the Infinite City

Via Wikimedia Commons

This collection has been the sole focus of my attention for much of the past month. The stories and world are constantly evolving. As I mentioned earlier this week, I’ve completed most of the worldbuilding. Now, my next task is to flesh out the stories and characters within.

Last month, I said I was working on a novelette called “Subbasement C.” This was an exploratory mission, and I think, for the most part, it was successful. At 8,700 words, I really got a feel for the world that I am devoting the next 5 months of my life to. And with some major edits, I think “Subbasement C” will fit in well with the other stories.

The structure of the collection has changed. Originally, I planned a novella and 4 or 5 stories. But with my abundance of ideas, I realized there was so much more to tell. Currently, I have the ideas for 3 novelettes, 4 short stories, and several flash fiction pieces (which will serve as interludes). I’m aiming for a total of 60,000 words in the collection.

Before I start writing, I need to figure out the order. Each story in the collection plays off the stories before it. Sometimes as a passing reference. Others as an integral part of the plot. I’m most excited for the last story (which I’ve already begun outlining) as it ties the collection together in what I hope will be a pretty little bow.

Submission Update

I have some good news on the submission front. I received an email regarding a story I submitted a little over month ago. The publisher said, “we really enjoyed your story” and informed me it was going to the second round of selections.

This was not the response I was expecting. While I had fun writing it, I never thought it would go this far. Thinking it would be an immediate rejection, I didn’t even send it off to any editors and had only one beta reader. Now I wish I had. I’m excited to see how far this story goes, but I’m fully prepared that it won’t be accepted.

I’m not mentioning the name of the story, because I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to share. You can probably deduce which story it is from my past writing updates.

Slime Is a Dish Best Served Cold

Via Wikimedia Commons

Last week, I sent off “Slime Is a Dish Best Served Cold” after a marathon of last-minute edits. I heard back from my editor just a few days before. He liked much of the story, except for a certain section in the middle. It didn’t fit the tone, he said. Unfortunately, he was right.

Ignoring everything else in my life (including my beloved collection), I spent the next several days devising and then implementing the change. Since this was a key part of the narrative, the whole story had to be reevaluated. While I think this change was for the best, I now have less confidence in my favorite tale. It’s up to the publisher now.

This writing update is going up a little early as I’m spending next week in Palm Springs. I plan to read by the pool, savor the desert air, eat a lot of Mexican food, and not do a lick of work.


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