Writing Update – October 2021

This might be a shorter post than usual as I’m devoting every moment of free time to writing my novella (still without a title). Speaking of that novella, it’s coming along great. There are, of course, the struggles, the neurotic wordsmithing, and lots and lots of self-doubt, but overall, I’m doing better than I thought.

Starting off, I was lucky to get 700 words written in a day. As I’ve gone further into the story, befriending the characters and making them suffer, I’m now writing between 1500 to 2500 words a day. It still comes in bits and spurts, fifteen minutes of staring at the screen before frenetically typing, words coming into my head faster than my fingers can move.

It is a story that I love telling. The highlight of my day is sitting down at the computer after lunch and diving into this crazy dark world. My outline serves as a jumping off point. I take the few notes I scribbled and make something real with them. It is my favorite thing in the world to do.

So far, I’m 22,036 words into it, in the middle of Chapter 20 (out of 33 chapters). Originally, I thought it’d be between 25,000 to 30,000 words, but from what I have, I estimate it to be closer to 40,000.

As I’m writing, the story is changing shape, in spite of the outline. Originally, I would have put it at the intersection of cosmic horror and thriller, but instead, it’s become a post-apocalyptic tale. The funny thing about that: I hate post-apocalyptic fiction (see below), but this novella is taking on a mind of its own and I’m excited to see what strange places it will take me.


I know this is a writing update, but I just had to share a new addition to my life. A couple weeks ago, I adopted a kitten. I named her Cleo, short for Cleopatra. She is a ball of fun, rapid cycling between naps and mania, a bit exhausting at times, but nonetheless, I love her already.

She’s even getting along with my 19-year-old cat Queenie—for the most part.


Last month, I teased the idea of a monthly blog post about what I’ve read. That didn’t happen this month as I spent most of it reading The Stand by Stephen King. Multiple people tell me it’s King’s best novel, and legendary horror author Brian Keene reads it every year.

Overall, I agree with the hype. It is amazing what he can weave with so many story threads. But, as I said above, I’m not a fan of post-apocalyptic fiction and that’s just what it is. I knew this going in, but I wanted to give it a shot. Something about reading about a pandemic during a pandemic was just too bleak for me. I got about 600 pages in (out of 1300, small print) and finally put it down—at least for now.

Hopefully, next month I’ll be able to feature the books that I’ve read.

I have a handful of blog posts planned that I hope to write once I’ve finished this novella. I’m aiming to complete it by mid-November.

For those wondering, Chlorophobia—the anthology with my story—comes out November 24th. You can pre-order it here.

Until next time,


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