Announcement: My 1st Print Acceptance!

While in El Paso last week visiting family, I received an email from Ghost Orchid Press about a story I submitted a while back (you may remember me mentioning it here). I opened it with my mother, expecting another rejection slip to add to my collection.

That was not the case.

My eyes alighted on the words: “I enjoyed your story very much and would be delighted to include it in our Chlorophobia anthology.”

I was—and still am—stunned. After a week, it still hasn’t sunk in.

My story “The Uytoroi” will appear in Chlorophobia: An Eco-Horror Anthology. This is my second publication ever and the first to appear in print.

Set on Vashon Island (a familiar setting to those who know me in person), “The Uytoroi” is the story of a beachcomber who makes a startling discovery. It will make you think twice before going to the beach at low tide.

It comes out this autumn.

Here’s the cover:


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