Works in Progress

The books below take place in the same Universe. While I would not call them a “series,” they all occur in the same setting. The exceptions are written with my nom-de-plume “T. A. Caraway.” These can be found at the bottom.


These are written but in need of edits or rewrite

Title: “Snap”

Teaser: Perception is reality

Status: Completely finished, currently looking for a publisher


Title: “Zonk”

Teaser: A window into the Dionysian lifestyle of millennials taken too far

Status: Several drafts complete, but needs extensive rewrites


Title: “Palindrome”

Teaser: The story of a friendship and the beauty of destruction

Status: Several drafts complete, but needs some rewrites


Title: “The Preposterous Theater” (novella)

Teaser: A clinic for nightmares becomes a nightmare

Status: Second draft complete


Title: “Kingdom Amongst the Clouds”

Teaser: A young man commits suicide, only to discover the afterlife was not what he was expecting

Status: Several drafts complete, requiring a fair amount of edits


Title: “Thalamus the Great”

Teaser: (My first novel) An exploration of euhemerism: the gods are not what we thought

Status: Needs to be completely rewritten, keeping the same characters but not much else



These exist either on paper or in my head in various degrees of completion

Title: “The Five Worlds of Albert Forrester”

Teaser: “When I close my eyes, I can see a tree.” (First sentence)

Status: Mostly plotted


Title: “The Apopheniac”

Teaser: Easily the most bizarre thing I’ve ever come up with

Status: Mostly plotted


Title: “Peter’s Adventures with Chlamydia”

Teaser: In the underworld of bathhouses, Peter catches a magical venereal disease

Status: Mostly plotted; however, my prudishness prevents me from writing it, for now


Title: “Lodencraft”

Teaser: The story of a secret organization and their quest for the unnatural

Status: Plotted


Title: [Untitled]

Teaser: Demons and Bergain and steampunk, oh my!

Status: Plotted, several typed outlines and notes


Title: [Untitled]

Teaser: A serial killer’s side of the story

Status: Mostly plotted


Title: “The Queen of Lorindor”

Teaser: Sequel to “Thalamus the Great”

Status: Mostly in my head


Title: “The Dragon Amulet Sword of Generica”

Teaser: If you can’t tell by the title, it’s a parody of the high fantasy genre

Status: Half plotted


Title: “Of Worms and Gods”

Teaser: “There are worms and there are gods.”

Status: A loose plot in my head


Title: “A Midsummer Knight’s Meme”

Teaser: A search for the next great meme summons a demon-knight

Status: Outlined


Title: “Untitled” (this is actually its name)

Teaser: An “eminent” author’s lies are catching up with him …

Status: Somewhat plotted (novella/novelette)


Title: [Untitled]

Teaser: A spoof, inspired by Toho films

Status: Mostly in my brain


By T. A. Caraway …

Title: “Manny’s Seven”

Teaser: A tale of brotherhood in a dystopian world (takes place outside the Setting)

Status: Was fully outlined and half-written, but lost when my hard drive crashed (I have a few leftover notes and a slowly fading memory of it)


Title: [Untitled]

Teaser: Set in the Iromakuanhe setting of Star Army RP (takes place outside the Setting)

Status: Partially outlined and researched, mostly in my head


Title: [Untitled]

Teaser: A new take on the sea monster epic

Status: Consists of a mound of scribble notes

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