Bergain Mythos

The Bergain Mythos is the setting for my books. If you see the name “Zé Burns,” then it takes place there. I invented the race of beings called the Bergain (pronounced like the Norwegian city Bergen, NOT ber-gayn; I came up with the word before I knew phonetics) at the age of 4. It went through many transformations over the years to reach its current state

The Mythos is gigantic; in a thousand lifetimes, I couldn’t come close to telling a millionth of its stories. To give you a sense of its size, our Universe—made up of a hundred billion galaxies—is only one of 28 known universes (though Karzonni scholars say there may be as many as 56). Indeed our Universe, called the Fourth Universe, is one of the smaller ones. I won’t go into all the details. I’ll let you discover them as you read.

With such an expansive setting, there are numerous denizens, some we meet on Earth, others in Universes far from our own. This allows me to tell stories from many different genres: fantasy, sci-fi, weird fiction, bizarro fiction, horror, crime, surrealism, literary, and my own brand of fiction, QaQa. Some stories seem like everyday life while others are bizarre and fantastic, yet everything contains that secret knowledge that there is much, much more out there.