Works in Progress

The novels (or novellas) below take place in the same Mythos. While I would not call them a “series,” they all occur in the same setting. The exceptions are written with my nom-de-plume “T. A. Caraway.” These can be found at the bottom.


These are finished and are somewhere along the publishing process


  • Teaser: Perception is reality
  • Genre: Bizarro/QaQa
  • Status: Completely finished, currently at a publisher


The Preposterous Theater (novella)

  • Teaser: A clinic for nightmares becomes a nightmare
  • Genre: Bizarro/QaQa
  • Status: Completely finished, currently at a publisher



These are written but in need of edits or rewrite


  • Teaser: A window into the Dionysian lifestyle of millennials taken too far
  • Genre: Bizarro/QaQa
  • Status: Several drafts complete, but needs extensive rewrites



  • Teaser: The story of a friendship and the beauty of destruction
  • Genre: Literary
  • Status: Several drafts complete, but needs some rewrites


Kingdom Amongst the Clouds

  • Teaser: A young man commits suicide, only to discover the afterlife was not what he was expecting
  • Genre: Weird fiction
  • Status: Several drafts complete, requiring a fair amount of edits


Thalamus the Great

  • Teaser: (My first novel) An exploration of euhemerism: the gods are not what we thought
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Needs to be completely rewritten, keeping the same characters but not much else



These exist either on paper or in my head in various degrees of completion

The Five Worlds of Albert Forrester

  • Teaser: “When I close my eyes, I can see a tree.” (First sentence)
  • Genre: Bizarro/QaQa
  • Status: Mostly plotted


The Apopheniac

  • Teaser: Easily the most bizarre thing I’ve ever come up with
  • Genre: Bizarro
  • Status: Mostly plotted


Peter’s Adventures with Chlamydia

  • Teaser: In the underworld of bathhouses, Peter catches a magical venereal disease
  • Genre: Bizarro
  • Status: Mostly plotted; however, my prudishness prevents me from writing it, for now


The Dragon Amulet Sword of Generica (novella)

  • Teaser: If you can’t tell by the title, it’s a parody of the high fantasy genre
  • Genre: Bizarro fantasy
  • Status: Plotted



  • Teaser: The story of a secret organization and their quest for the unnatural
  • Genre: Crime/Weird fiction
  • Status: Plotted


[Untitled Bergain Novel]

  • Teaser: Demons and Bergain and steampunk, oh my!
  • Genre: Weird fiction
  • Status: Plotted, several typed outlines and notes, first chapters written


The Gnats

  • Teaser: You’ll never look at gnats the same way
  • Genre: Horror
  • Status: Mostly plotted


[Untitled Serial Killer Novel]

  • Teaser: The world through the eyes of a murderer
  • Genre: Crime/Suspense
  • Status: Mostly plotted


The Queen of Lorindor

  • Teaser: Sequel to Thalamus the Great
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Mostly plotted


Of Worms and Gods

  • Teaser: “There are worms and there are gods.”
  • Genre: Literary
  • Status: A loose plot in my head


A Midsummer Knight’s Meme (novella)

  • Teaser: A search for the next great meme summons the supernatural
  • Genre: Bizarro
  • Status: Outlined


Untitled [this is actually its name]

  • Teaser: An “eminent” author’s lies are catching up with him …
  • Genre: Literary
  • Status: Somewhat plotted


[Untitled Kaiju Spoof]

  • Teaser: A spoof, inspired by Toho films
  • Genre: Bizarro
  • Status: Somewhat plotted


By T. A. Caraway …

Manny’s Seven

  • Teaser: A tale of brotherhood in a dystopian world (takes place outside the Mythos)
  • Genre: Sci-fi/Crime
  • Status: Was fully outlined and half-written, but lost when my hard drive crashed (I have a few leftover notes and a slowly fading memory of it)


[Untitled “Star Army” Novel]

  • Teaser: Set in the Iromakuanhe setting of Star Army RP (takes place outside the Mythos)
  • Genre: Sci-fi
  • Status: Partially outlined and researched, mostly in my head


[Untitled Kaiju Novel]

  • Teaser: A new take on the sea monster epic
  • Genre: Action/Adventure
  • Status: Consists of a mound of scribbled notes