Favorite Posts

Given the number of posts on this blog (well over 100), I thought I would organize the more popular posts on this page for easy access. The below fit at least two of three categories: (1) highest viewed, (2) best reader reception, and (3) my personal favorites.

How to Grow Bizarro Fiction and How to Grow Bizarro Fiction 2 – Before this was one of the most popular series on Babou 691, it had its humble beginnings here

My 7 Favorite Bizarre Books – Spring 2020 – By far my most viewed post, showing off some great books!

Why I Love Horror – Started out as an exercise and became one of my favorite essays on this site

Why I Put a Book Down – Helpful (I hope) to readers and writers alike.

Author Interview: Danger Slater – One of my favorite interviews I’ve done—Danger is hilarious!

The Carlton Mellick Challenge – An ambitious challenge reading the master of bizarro fiction

Bizarre History: The Merz Movement – A look back in time at the man who was too Dada for Dada

Bizarre Travels: The Dalí Museum – A guided tour through one of my favorite museums