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Babou 691 is Up!


Zé Burns and Amy M. Vaughn present Babou 691, an online magazine dedicated to the surreal and the bizarre in literature, film, and art. We will explore bizarro fiction, surrealism, the “bizarro-adjacent,” the fringe, and anything outrageous, unexpected, and reality-bending. It will delve into the past and seek the latest and greatest out there.


We are open for queries! Whether you would like to submit a single article or a series or have an idea for a monthly column, let us know. Send your queries—formal or informal—to We will compensate you for your work—though as a fledgling publication, this compensation will remain somewhat “token” for now. We are not accepting fiction, poetry, or art at this time, but we hope to launch an accompanying litmag in the future.

What We’re Looking For:

Non-fiction regarding the bizarre, the surreal, the weird, and anything outrageous and reality-bending in the visual and literary arts. Some examples:

  • Essays
  • Reviews
  • Interviews/profiles
  • Listicles
  • Writing advice
  • Humor
  • News/current events
  • History of literature and art
  • Biographical articles
  • Culture
  • Recaps of cons/readings/exhibits/screenings

NOTE: We like to avoid contentious politics and drama, and we will not publish anything that could be considered hateful (or as spreading hate).

Submission/Query Guidelines

Want to submit? Following these guidelines will definitely improve your chances of acceptance.

  • We accept pitches and/or submissions
  • We are a very small team, and there may be times when we take a long time to respond. We will do our best to respond to every submission.
  • Like most publications, we are asking for original work that has not been previously published (except in extraordinary cases).
  • We would prefer submissions to be in Word or Google Docs. Please double space.
  • Please title your email with “QUERY” (thing you want to write about) or “SUBMISSION” (thing you wrote about).
  • Submissions should be between 500 and 2500 words. Anything over 3000 words will be divided into multiple parts.
  • Please include an author photo, a brief (50-75 word) bio, and a link you’d like associated with your name, e.g., to your personal website or a social media account.
  • Please include at least two license-free photos to potentially accompany your piece.
  • Authors retain copyright.


Currently, we can’t afford more than token payments. That means a flat payment of $4.00 per article. As Babou 691 grows, we hope to offer more in the future. Payments are sent via Paypal.


You can find that here.

Why the Name?

Our name is an ode to the men and women of the Surrealist movement without whom these genres would not exist. “Babou” was the name of Salvador Dalí’s pet ocelot and “691” refers to a succession of Surrealist and Dadaist magazines, beginning with Alfred Stieglitz’s 291 and later 391, 491, and 591. While that is a lot to live up to, we hope to continue that tradition one hundred years after it began.